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Central London & Norfolk

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Chinese Medicine practitioner in Norfolk & Mayfair, Central London


herbal medicine | food energetics | acupuncture

Suzanne's passion for healthy living, nutrition and preventative and natural medicine led her to study the therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient philosophy of Yang Sheng, living in harmony with our life. She integrates her foundation in Applied Kinesiology into her approach. The aim in her practice is to help people reach a better, more natural balance, by helping to strengthen their constitution and immune system in order to help improve their physical and mental health, energy and wellbeing.

Today's chronic physical ailments, challenged immune system and mental health issues, exacerbated by mounting levels of daily life stressors, are leading people to Traditional Chinese Medicine where peer reviewed plant and natural medicine research continues to present avenues to wellbeing which the allopathic medical model is unable to provide on it's own. The regulatory bodies, the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) and British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) have each compiled research relating to a wide range of conditions. Hippocrates' rudimentary 'let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" maxim provides the third essential therapeutic practice of food energetics for Suzanne as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. This natural medicine, nutrition, begins at home.

Throughout her 25 years in private clinical practice as a herbalist and NHS approved acupuncturist working with babies, children and adults, Suzanne has integrated her herbal medicine, acupuncture, Yang Sheng lifestyle advice including food energetics, the cultivation of the mind and spirit, the body with work, rest and exercise and living in harmony with the laws of nature, to develop bespoke holistic treatment and wellbeing plans for each individual.

Suzanne is founder of USP-UKR, The Ukrainian Refugee Trauma Support Project in London and with a team of seven, trained and qualified refugees, has worked with over 900 refugees since the outbreak of war. She is a member of The Jade Screen Project which offers herbal support to assist COVID prevention and long-COVID recovery. She also offers telemedicine herbal medicine consultations to those who prefer to remain at home. 

integrated bespoke services/programmes offered

GENERAL PRACTICE (see health concerns tab above)


BOOST ENERGY & IMMUNITY PROGRAMME including long-COVID recovery support

WOMEN & MEN'S HEALTH & COUPLE FERTILITY (supporting menstrual concerns, PMS, PCOS, fertility, pre & antenatal, peri-menopause, menopause, prostatitis, nephritis, enuresis, impotence, retention of fluid)

EXECUTIVE HEALTH PROGRAMMES (for individuals, in clinic or, if several individuals, at organisations if suitable facilities are available)

FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE PROGRAMME (12 session minimum as initial programme)

KIDS HOLISTIC CLINIC (paediatric acupuncture for infants to teens, herbal medicine and food energetics)
Pre-booked 15 min initial paediatric consultations available free

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treatments available

HERBAL PRESCRIPTIONS bespoke, highest standard pharmacopoeial (GMP) grade herbs using raw herbs, powders or granules, tablets from pressed herbs or tinctures derived only from plants. Also, prescription creams, washes or poultices for bruising, skin conditions or trauma.

FOOD ENERGETICS CONSULTATION individual natural medicine nutrition, food energetics programmes prepared according to conditions.

ACUPUNCTURE using needles, with moxibustion or cupping, auricular (ear) acupuncture.

NEEDLE-LESS ACUPOINT STIMULATION magnets, tuina massage, tens machine, gua sha, moxibustion, cupping, low level light therapy or auricular with seeds or magnetic pellets.

ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE the application of a low pulsating current to acupuncture needles using a tens machine to help acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, spasm or paralysis.

MOXIBUSTION stimulates acupoints using gentle heat. May be used on its own for asthma, bronchitis, pain relief for arthritis and rheumatism, digestive discomfort, general pain relief, including menstrual pain relief and gentle long-COVID recovery support

CUPPING uses small glass cups to create a partial vacuum which stimulates the affected area, increases circulation and activates acupoints. It can be used to help reduce fluid from the lungs (long-COVID recovery support), soft tissue injury, lower back pain relief and sprains.

GUA SHA is a gentle brush/stroke treatment used for pain relief and functional problems with impaired movement, the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illness, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many acute or chronic disorders.

SYSTEMATIC KINESIOLOGY uses muscle testing which reveals systemic, structural and biochemical imbalances  which can be rectified using techniques and concepts from acupuncture meridians, osteopathic lymphatic reflexes and chiropractic approaches for the vascular system.  It is also used for food sensitivity testing.

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an invitation from Suzanne

Please feel free to click here to email me with brief questions prior to booking your herbal medicine, food energetics &/or acupuncture appointment in Sheringham in Norfolk or Mayfair in central London. Or, to discuss reduced fee block bookings, gift vouchers or arrange to discuss the development of bespoke wellbeing executive programmes.

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People often ask how my journey as a Chinese medicine practitioner started. Well, it isn't really a straight forward answer and, it most certainly was a journey. An unexpected post viral illness, much like long-COVID, took me out of work and in search of a cure. I was oddly aware of being ill for a reason. It was herbal medicine and the reading of Ted Kaptchuk's book 'The Web that has no Weaver' that captured me and my imagination and set me on the path to becoming well. I was so well in fact, that I went on to run the London Marathon two years later and climbed unnamed peaks in distant lands. Over time, after trying to have children for 10 years with several miscarriages and a diagnosis of early menopause, the call to nature and nurture became too strong. It was at that point that I decided to give up my director's role at a bank in the City to study herbal medicine and nutrition, food energetics. In my final year of study, I stood up in class as a practice patient and shared the sub-fertility story. Eleven months later, during my first year as a Chinese medicine practitioner, my daughter was born.

It is my hope that you will discover and embrace the philosophy of Yang Sheng and the seeking of balance and harmony in life supported by Traditional Chinese Medicine and adopt something that makes a healthy difference to you and your family and friends' wellbeing.

‘Wanting to illuminate bright virtue under heaven, the ancients first governed their states. Wanting to govern their states they first put their families in order. Wanting to put their families in order. They first cultivated their body’. Confucius

All good wishes,



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